Direct Mail Advertising

Dispatch is defined as the act of sending away with speed and efficiency. Before the US Postal Service handles your mail, you can rest assured it has been sorted and bar coded for the lowest possible postage rates and then moved both quickly and efficiently through our many automated processes - providing you streamline deliverability and net postage savings.

US Postal News Source

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Graphic Design

A concept originates in the mind, an idea resulting from the compilation of particular instances. Our design team assembles your objective and audience together, with both originality and efficiency, to achieve your goal.

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Mailing Lists Aquisition

To heighten or increase in reputation, quality or value. Our marketing list services can provide everything you need to get a clear picture of your current customers and identify new prospects. Enhancing your current database can elevate your response rates; broaden your client base and open new doors for your business.

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Creation is production through imaginative skill. The primary goal of our press and bindery department is to assure that your project finishes the best it can be. Because these goals are shared under one roof, and with our Konica Minolta Bizhub Press C8000, we are able to maintain quality control and fulfill those critical schedules.

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Database Services / Database Management

Collection of all data prior to mailing is crucial to the development of your direct mail project. And because customer retention is one of your top priorities, an extensive client database is your company’s most valuable resource. From collecting and cleaning up data to enhancing your database with potential customers and developing methods of measuring response, Postmark Ink offers a myriad of services to help you market your business more successfully. We are BIG on data!

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On Demand

Digital Imaging

Step up to black/white and four color lithographic quality with digital setup speed and run-lenth economy. By utilizing our high-speed processing with inline document assembly and variable data input personalization, you can put your projects on a shorter, straighter path. It's printing... on demand.

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